Let me enjoy this sail

Work has been truly busy over the past couple of months plus I have not had a lot of time for recreational activities. My boat was sitting outside by the dock for weeks plus weeks. The first time I had a day with sun plus no work to complete, I decided to take the boat out for a spin. I loaded up a cooler with some ice cold beer plus water plus I grabbed a couple of sandwiches from the fridge. I headed down to the tiny dock with my boat shoes plus the cooler. I loaded the cooler onto the boat plus I felt a miniature bee sting the back of my neck. It was a pinch, but I knew it was a baby. When I turned my big, dumb head, I saw a large nest of bees in the corner of the boat house. The nest had tons of bees swarming all over plus I started to notice these all over The boat house. I didn’t want to – again – miss out on my day on the boat, so I carefully boarded the boat plus drifted carefully out of the house. As soon as I was past the nest of bees, I turned on the engine. I later spent most of the day fishing, but I called the exterminator as soon as I got back home to start on work again. The next day, the supplier sent a repair specialist to check on the terrifying problem. The bee extermination repair provider told myself and others that the large nest of bees was certainly yellow jackets. He said they can be a real nuisance, but they are honestly self-explanatory to eradicate. After that, the guy inspected and repaired the problem once plus for all.


Yellow Jacket

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