Keeping clean is a reflection of you business

I sometimes can’t even believe that I am getting paid to do what I do.

I mean I’m making a living just living my passion.

My partners and I turned our personal interests into a thriving business. But we are still working on considering ourselves professional. And that is an important distinction. It has a lot to do with respect. A person in business needs to promote a professional image in order to be taken seriously. If you look unorganized, it’s likely that your customers will see that as a problem. This is something we had to deal with in our shop. Initially, we didn’t have any sort of commercial cleaning service. It just wasn’t something that we considered. We figured we could do the basic janitorial service ourselves. I mean how hard could it be to empty the trash and do the carpet cleaning. That was the wrong way to look at it as I would come to learn. Having a clean, organized business space is essential to being considered professional. And while we were all still so surprised that we were making a living from our personal passions, we had to project a more professional appearance. My dad came to visit. While kind and supportive, he was also very clear that the appearance of our shop reflected poorly on us. He suggested that we call a commercial cleaning company immediately. Being our own cleaning lady was not working at all. Dad was right, the place looked bad and did not represent our level of seriousness about what we were doing at all. Now, that we have a regular, daily cleaning service, we walk into a more professional environment every single day.


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