Hoping to get every last drop out of the old HVAC

I have never really been a big risk taker or gambler.

  • Actually, I don’t really gamble at all.

From time to time I have enjoyed playing cards with my buddies. But it’s never been for any real money. Betting my wife on football games is pretty fun. She is such a homer that she’ll bet on her home town team just about all the time. Other than that, I just don’t gamble. Well, I am now gambling with the HVAC system. Our HVAC tech normally comes out twice a year to inspect and service the HVAC. Last year, he told me that we were in need of an HVAC replacement. He couldn’t say exactly how long the HVAC would last but that we needed to get a plan together. I took him at his word because he is a total pro and we trust our HVAC company implicitly. So we started saving for the new HVAC system. Then, we had the HVAC contractor out to inspect the house and help us decide on a new model. This was a great thing that we decided to do because his help was great and made the situation so much easier to deal with. Once we came to terms on the new HVAC model and price, we were all set. However, I wasn’t ready to junk the old HVAC just yet. Now, I am gambling that it will get us through the rest of this winter. It’s hanging in there so far. I see how it’s running a lot more but I think it will get us to the spring and we can schedule the installation of the new HVAC unit.

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