Good HVAC setting strategy is the path to HVAC utility cost savings

It’s certainly not enjoyable for me to be the bad guy in any way.

I don’t ever like making people feel bad or hurt feelings.

However, there are times in life and business where you have to hold individuals accountable for their actions. And this is just part of life. I know there are times where my feelings get hurt because I’m checked by others. It is what it is. However this past summer, I really ruffled some feathers in my house with the HVAC. I told everyone in the spring that I was going to take a hard line on the HVAC costs this year. Maybe they didn’t think I was serious or Dad was just bluffing. But they soon realized that I was very serious. This was because we have spent way too much money over cooling our house during the summer. We live in a region where the heat is the big weather concern. The HVAC cooling is on nearly 8 months of the year at least. But it’s the four months during the peak of heat season that can wreck a budget. Well, that just wasn’t going to happen last summer. And I did it by making sure we stuck to the HVAC setting strategy of keeping the house no more than 15 degrees cooler than outside. I even went to the lengths of programming the thermostat and locking out any manual changes. There were some hurt feelings and some whining. But I saved so much money that I was able to add some special bonuses to the family vacation this year.


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