From cooling to heating with just a flip of a switch

This time of year is the time that most of us around here take a big sigh of relief.

Winter in this part of the country is a welcome sight.

That is not the case in much of the rest of the country. Those folks are battling the cold and cranking up the HVAC heating method in an effort to stay warm. That is something I certainly don’t envy them. I don’t think I could make it in a winter landscape like that. Thankfully, I’ll never have to find out. I love the winter where I live. Winter means the absence of heat and in this region that is a very big deal. Most of the year the HVAC heat pump is cooling our house. That means it comes on pretty regularly about March and doesn’t really let up until November or so. But during the summer stretch, those four months can feel like an eternity. Yet, the HVAC heat pump does a fantastic job of helping us manage the high heat and humidity. While it is cooling, it is also balancing the humidity levels inside the house. Without that wonderful process, all of us would be dealing with a whole lot more mold & mildew. However, while I love the winter, it’s still not as though there aren’t time we need a bit of heat. We get cold snaps here and there. But all we really have to do is flip the HVAC from cooling to heating and it takes care of the rest. It’s a remarkable machine and it makes life in this region so much sweeter.


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