Cleaning company was a natural fit for me

My dad said I was a bossy pants from the time I could talk.

While I do acknowledge that I like calling the shots and being my own boss, I hope I’m not a bossy pants.

When I got to highschool, I started up a bit of a cleaning service to make extra money. It was mainly for my dad’s colleagues and acquaintances but that was fine with me. I just did the basic janitorial services that most offices needed. It was carpet cleaning, collecting the trash and a bit of monthly floor maintenance. I so enjoyed being my own boss that I carried this cleaning service as I went through college. Again, I was able to get my studies completed but I could do office cleaning in the evening. I was even able to hire a few people to help me out. It worked out great. Then once I graduated, it seemed like a very natural next step to grow my existing office cleaning service. I had spent all that time in college learning the finer points of business. So, it only made sense for me to use that knowledge and turn what I had into a commercial cleaning company. I started by getting some commercial floor cleaning equipment. Next came a couple of vehicles and hiring a crew. Now, it’s a decade later and I have a very successful commercial cleaning company. We have multiple crews and supervisors. While I work the business, I still like to get out there and clean a carpet or two now and again.



Floor maintenance

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