Cheapskate Skates on my Last Nerve

My bestie Steve has a lot of enjoyable qualities, his worst is how stingy he is.

  • The guy won’t spend a dollar even if it is necessary.

I tried pushing early on in the relationship to chop costs and get him to help out financially when necessary. It is such a fight though. Steve also gets sad if he goes outside of his actually miniscule budget that he sets for himself. I mainly buy all the maintenance stuff that is needed in the home. It makes for a happier relationship. I do all the grocery shopping, pay for the modern appliances and technology for the home. I also car repairs and lawn maintenance. Recently our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan has been making noises like a lovesick moose. I have looked around online for possible updatement options. I actually want to install a ductless Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit and have zone control in the house. I want to have a couple indoor air handlers and smart thermostats. It is said to be less wasteful to get HVAC with zone control. I can have A/C in the kitchen and it won’t affect Steve’s heating in his man cave. I also can adjust to having heavy heat when I sleep at night and he can have AC. It actually would be so much nicer. The price tag is quite hefty on this one. I actually would really benefit from some financial help. I suppose my bestie will go nuts over cutting it in half. He will want to just keep putting band aids on the slowly dying plan or buy a crappy, small Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit rather than a top-notch HVAC with zone control. I might need to foot that substantial bill.

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