Adjusting to the HVAC in the doctor’s office

It was a mystery to me for such a long time.

But I am the sort that is very sensitive to HVAC settings and indoor temperatures in general.

I tend to be the one that is freezing when my husband feels perfectly comfortable. And that seems to be the case more often than not. I find myself really being cold indoors a lot of the time. Even in the summer, the HVAC cooling can be just too much for me. The winter is my toughest time and I tend to want more from the HVAC heating than is good for our budget. My husband is a dear man and puts up with all of this HVAC setting micromanagement. His only thing is that he wants to be comfortable when he’s sleeping. That comfort tends to be more on the cool side. But we manage and our house is relatively comfortable. That’s why it has always puzzled me that the doctor’s office is so incredibly cold. It’s always freezing in there whether the season is winter or summer. I don’t like going to the doctor anyway and the fact that it’s so cold in there is just one less motivating factor for me. Finally, I asked about it. And I was sort of stunned by the answer. The nurse told me that the cold temperatures were by design and not just me. When the air is warmer, the air is more humid. That added humidity is what bacteria and virus need to proliferate. So, it’s actually like they are looking after us with that low HVAC setting.


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